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Unlock your business’s potential with equipment finance solutions tailored to your unique needs. At Pilbara Finance, we specialise in helping businesses secure the necessary capital to acquire the tools and assets for growth and success. Whether you’re a startup needing trucks or earthmoving equipment, a manufacturer requiring machinery, or a restaurant looking to upgrade your kitchen equipment, we’ve got you covered.

What Can You Finance?

The versatility of equipment finance is endless. You can fund any tangible asset crucial to your daily operations using finance leases. Here are some areas we can help clients with, but we urge you to contact us with any questions you might have about your own specific equipment needs:

Machinery: We can help you acquire what you need, from excavators, water carts, prime movers, and specialised equipment.

Company Cars and Vehicles: Keep your team moving with reliable transportation solutions.

Tools: In construction, manufacturing, or any other industry, having the right tools is essential.

Forklifts: Streamline warehouse operations with efficient forklifts and material handling equipment.

Specialised Equipment: We understand that each business is unique. If you have special needs, we’ll find a suitable financing solution.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment: Restaurants and food service businesses can easily upgrade their kitchens.

IT Systems: Stay ahead with cutting-edge technology and computer systems in the digital age.

Tech Equipment: Ensure your business has the latest gadgets and devices to boost productivity.

And the list goes on. Different loans may cover various kinds of assets, but our commitment to helping you secure the funding you need remains the same.

How Does Equipment Finance Work?

Our team of experts will work closely with you to determine the best equipment financing solution for your business. The process typically involves:

Needs Assessment: We’ll evaluate your business requirements and asset needs.

Lender Selection: We’ll identify suitable lenders offering terms that align with your budget and goals.

Application and Approval: We’ll guide you through the application process, ensuring all necessary documentation is complete.

Acquisition: Once approved, you can acquire the equipment or assets you need.

Flexible Repayment: Enjoy flexible repayment options tailored to your cash flow.

Ready to Get Started?

Your business deserves the best tools and assets to thrive. Contact us today to explore equipment finance options that will empower your business to reach new heights. With our expertise and dedication, we’ll help you secure the funding you need to invest in the future.

Frequently asked Questions

Connect with us for tailored solutions in your equipment financing journey…

  • What is business equipment finance, and how does it work?

    Business equipment finance is a financing solution designed to help businesses acquire essential assets, such as machinery, vehicles, technology, and more. It typically involves a lender providing the funds necessary to purchase these assets, which are then paid back over an agreed-upon term with interest. Businesses benefit from immediate access to the equipment they need without a significant upfront cash outlay, and payments can be structured to match cash flow and budget requirements.

  • What are the advantages of leasing equipment versus buying it outright?

    Leasing equipment offers several advantages, such as preserving your capital for other business needs, maintaining up-to-date technology, and potentially enjoying tax benefits. Leases often come with lower upfront costs and can be structured with flexible terms. On the other hand, purchasing equipment outright means you own the asset but requires a significant upfront investment and may lead to maintenance and depreciation costs.

  • Can I finance both new and used equipment for my business?

    Yes, equipment finance is flexible and can cover both new and used equipment. Whether you need the latest technology or cost-effective, reliable used machinery, financing options are available to suit your specific requirements. Lenders often consider the age and condition of the equipment when determining the terms of the financing.

  • How do I determine the right equipment financing option for my business?

    Talk to us! Determining the right equipment financing option depends on your business’s unique circumstances. Start by assessing your equipment needs, budget, and cash flow. Consulting with us, as equipment finance experts, we can provide guidance on the best financing solution for your specific situation. Consider factors like the type of equipment, its expected lifespan, and how it aligns with your business goals when making your decision.

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Kaung Pyae Sone
Kaung Pyae Sone
Kai Xue is amazing to work with. Very timely, efficient, professional, approachable, and diligent. Are you missing out on great properties because your broker let you down?? Just call Kai, that will no longer be a problem!
Sanjeev Sunnie
Sanjeev Sunnie
Clinton was brilliant, providing all relevant assistance including ensuring the right way forward for the individual by providing options to suit needs. Thank you Clinton for all the help and recommendations.
Jacob Kubicki
Jacob Kubicki
Clinton has been an absolute pleasure to deal with when when working with us to refinance our home loan. He is a hidden gem in the industry. Swift, efficient and knowledgeable, We, 100% Highly recommend him and his service. We will engage with his service again in the future. Thank you Pilbara Finance.
Damien Bowerman
Damien Bowerman
My experience was fantastic. Very personal yet professional throughout the process. Clinton was super helpful and was available whenever I had a question. Highly recommended!
easton “easto7” lukes
easton “easto7” lukes
Great work Got our dream home Best in the business. Clinton will find a way to get the results. Awesome
Lallene Majestic
Lallene Majestic
Smooth, informative, easy to talk to didn't make me feel uncomfortable. Perfect mix between professional and personable. Made everything simple for me so I didn't have to waste loads of time back and forwards.
Charleen Mark
Charleen Mark
Very friendly and helpful. Was genuine and wasn't pushy. No waiting around. They get on to things very promptly. Highly recommend
Liz Parmasson
Liz Parmasson
Get in contact with Pilbara Finance if you want to make your dreams come true too. As a solo first home buyer without their help and 24/7 support, I don't think I would of ever succeeded this process. Huge thank you Clinton Burnes!

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